Fav Top 4 Digital Artist

Digital Art

@instagram has quickly become one of my favourite platforms to view artwork that I love and the wonderful artist that create them.

There’s a lot of great stuff on @instagram . It has become my own social network of choice over the last six months. As a visual-first social network, it’s perfect for artists, like myself.

Below is a list of four of my personal favourite digital artists on Instagram. I follow a bunch more, but these are a few accounts that I think really stand out.

If you have an Instagram account, leave a link in the comments so I can follow you!

@prinnay Is amazing. Her art speaks to me, especially since we like to draw the same subjects. Afro girls!


@loish – I absolutely, positively love Loish’s work. She draws women in all shapes and sizes and I like an artist who has diversity.


@drawingwiffwaffles _ I love, love, love, Waffle’s art. She inspires me to draw every day. Her art is fun, colourful and memorable. I can’t wait for her comic to come out.


@leslielumarie – OMG, Leslie is just so cute and I love to hear her talk. She has fun and amazing characters that she came up with in her head and I love them all.

What does he mean? Why does Luca look so nervous? I'll never tell 😏😏😏 (spoiler alert it's not good) #leslieocs

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